08 May 2017

Busy sneezing

Good day Everyone, ACHOO!
Being Autumn here in New Zealand and I'm  still having trouble with my allergies, it's stuffing me up and also having a sore throat now and again. The fun of sneezing my head off, well not quite but it gives me a headache all the same.
Went to Church yesterday morning and had a chance to meet our new Assistant Pastor Logan, had a nice chat with him and Brother Eddie, along with my wife, we were talking about the different accents that we had or family members had. 
I made a post on facebook that stirred up a bunch of people and came close to shutting it down, usually, in the past, my wife would ask me not too but yesterday she doesn't care rather I do or don't so I will have a think about it. With all the changes it keeps making I really don't care to have it.
Family News
Oldest granddaughter Jessica is doing well in Kindee school and enjoying it so. Indianna has learned the word "No" and uses it quite frequently.
Everyone has been staying busy doing some kind of work or fighting every bug that comes our way.  Speaking of being busy Jessica was helping her grandpa and daddy repairing the fence by the house. 
Excellent blog post from David Murray - A Marriage checklist
Interesting read
This should probably be in the Tech corner section but I thought it was more interesting to read.
Facebook TV Coming As Early As June, It's Still Not A Media Company: Report by Rhett Jones
Health Corner
Top Stressful Situations by Elizabeth Scott, MS
Tech corner
Decluttering digital life by Jeremy Anderberg
Okay that’s all for now until next time,
God Bless – Bill

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