29 December 2015

After Christmas Blog

o From the Desk with Bill
Greetings Everyone, I hope you had a nice Christmas, I have to say I didn't starve, ate more than I needed probably but that's fine. We celebrated this Christmas with our daughternlaw and her family, had fun with the kids and enjoyed a nice Christmas Lunch with them. Then that evening we went to the Stowers and McKenzie's for Christmas Dinner. Had a lovely time at both places.o Family News
We have a new addition to the family
Indianna ~ Born 2.Nov. 2015 to Bryan and Kylee. This makes Jessica a big sister now and she seems to enjoy her baby sister. We all love the new addition.
Today we are celebrating my wife's birthday. I am truly blessed to have her as my wife, to me she doesn't seem to age since the day we got married so I will continue letting her do what she does best.
Mum In law is still doing well with us and enjoying her time with the great granddaughters.
Everyone else is doing well and staying busy with odds and ends.
o Weather
It's hot and humid here in Auckland, but with the windows open we have a nice breeze come now and again through the house. I hear my family back in Texas is having Tornado warnings and according to my cousin Theresa photo on my facebook she might need a boat soon due to flooding.
o Cornerstone
This is a hard one to write but I won't mention the name but our Church lost a Great Brother and Elder on Christmas Eve morning. It really come to a shock to us all. He will surely be missed, I remember him coming to me and talking with me the first time and always had a nice smile. He left behind his wife and three children,brothers and also parents. I am truly glad that I got to know such a fine brother. He will definitely leave a hole in the Church family. Please keep his family in your prayers.
o Health Corner
Diabete or not, great idea to stock your kitchen with.

Excellent video on Sugar to watch ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

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