07 February 2015

and that's that

o From the Desk with Bill
Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. Well I apologize first of all that I haven't written in a while since Christmas so Happy New Year to everyone I hope everyone is conquering their resolution(s) if you made any or if you like me and didn't make any then all is well with that.

o Family News
Jessica has 1st birthday party with family. Delwyn is still seeking for work.

o Weather
Its been humid and hot but we did get a good rain yesterday.

o Cornerstone
For this Cornerstone I recommend go and read an excellent post by the Sola Sisters (Christine Pack) ~ http://www.solasisters.com/2015/01/bible-study-recommendations.html on Bible Study. There is a great number on that list that I enjoy R.C.Sproul,John MacArthur, Phil Johnson and last but not least Alistair Begg.

o Prayer Closet
Please keep me in prayer. I haven't been to my home Church since December, I did go to Grace Baptist Church SL. Once or twice but I been so depressed lately that its been hard for me to focus much on anything and if I go to Church I don't want to go and look like a zombie. The Doctor has put me on a different depression medicine but it doesn't seem to help just yet but some meds takes a while to take effect. Also was put on sleeping meds at night time because I haven't been sleeping due to my depression.
Being hard of hearing also doesn't me help either I do miss out on having great conversations with people because I find it annoying to ask them to repeat themselves over and over.

o Cookbook Corner
I normally share American or Texas recipe but this time it's a New Zealand recipe. Click on the link and try this delicious treat. http://www.foodlovers.co.nz/recipes/pavlova-raewyn-g.html

o Health Corner
This past week a family member of mine told me they had GERD.. so I decided to share this link from Sparkpeople for her and those interested in reading. http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/nutrition_articles.asp?id=793

o Tech Corner
If you are a dropbox user you might find this information handy if you don't know it already.

Well that's it for now until next time.

God Bless

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