15 December 2014

One day at a time.

o From the Desk with Bill
Hello Everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. Here drinking coffee and thought Id better write so here it goes ~ I haven't been myself in the last few weeks. I am guessing its all this Holiday stuff that's going on, many of you know it's not my thing but saying this I did go to the Manukau Christmas parade because it was my granddaughter's Jessica first time.

People ask me so you don't like celebrating the birth of Christ? Sure I do when it comes to teaching young people or people who just coming to know the Lord then I celebrate His birth,ministry,death and resurrection.

I am more concerned about His return and that people such as family,friends and the rest of the world comes to know that He is coming back in Justice. If you believe in Him and His word and believe in Him then you should feel thankful that He has called your name out of darkness and if you don't have time for Him in your life your family life and pretty much reject what's in His word then you will have a terrible but just judgement coming upon you. I pray that your name is called.

In other news some friends are asking me if I am staying on Facebook after the 1st of January 2015. I suppose I will since I have two of them, even though I really don't like Facebook and Twitter but I do prefer Google+ and or Ello. I will mostly use Facebook to keep in contact with my family and friends and posting things I find interesting. I was normally posting Christian things from other peoples profiles such as R.C.Sproul, Alistar Begg and others but I felt that I should really not do that because it is taking from the work they are doing and I really didn't want credit meanwhile if I get permission from the ministries of these people or other to post their stuff then I will start again.

Speaking of Ello or Google+ if you are interested in hooking up with me on these let me know down below and I will consider it. Don't ask me for invitation to Ello.

Jessica has been over a few times this past week and she saw her Pawpaw for the first time in a cowboy hat and I put it on her head and she giggled and just had a blast.
Well this is probably my last blog post for this year.

o Family News
This past week my wife's cousin Ruth passed away she was a believer and loved Christ and was looking forward to a family reunion with her mum and dad.
Delwyn will be working this week and then back on the job search. Please pray that she finds one that will keep her on.

o Weather
Windy and Raining off and on

o Cornerstone
This is a devotional a dear brother and Pastor Michael Boyd gave me that he enjoyed and so I thought I would share it as I enjoyed it as well.
Greed Stinks!
By Mary Southerland
Colossians 3:5 (NIV) “Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.”
We live in a “stuff” driven world where it does not seem to matter how much we have - it is never enough.
Greed and contentment cannot reside in the same heart.
As the holidays approach, we need to guard our hearts against greed … and choose an attitude of gratitude.
Cantaloupe may very well be my favourite food. When it is in season, I stock up and always have some on hand. On one particularly hot day, a lunch of cantaloupe sounded luscious ... and it was.
Afterwards, I was gone for several hours, running errands. When I walked back in the front door that afternoon, a foul stench nearly knocked me down. It was such a strong odour!
A dead animal was my first thought.
A plumbing problem was my next idea.
I began a room-to-room search that ended abruptly at the kitchen sink. Opening the cabinet underneath, I nearly gagged at the stench that slapped me in the face and made my eyes water.
I instantly remembered that I had thrown the cantaloupe peels in the garbage before running errands and forgotten to take them to the outside garbage can as I usually did. The house reeked and the delicious cantaloupe was forgotten as I threw the peels away, lit every candle I could find, and opened every window in an effort to eliminate the odour of rotting fruit.
Greed acts the same way in our lives and must be treated like garbage. Deliberately throw it away. Remove it as soon as you discover its presence in your life.
Greed is the gangrene of the soul. If we don't quickly deal with it, greed will contaminate every emotion, creating a foul stench in every part of our lives.
Choose against greed. Fight it with Scripture, and bombard it with prayer, remembering that God alone is our provider, and that He will supply our every need.
I have come to the conclusion that the underlying problem with wants and needs is that we confuse the two. What we want and what we need are not always the same thing.
Anyone who has met my husband will tell you he is down-to-earth and unassuming. Dan may be a mega church pastor, but he is also very approachable and unpretentious.
The truck Dan drives is proof that he is totally unimpressed with the material things this world has to offer. Our family named the truck “Old Blue” for two reasons. It is old and it is blue. However, it is paid for, and it runs well, and that is all Dan needs.
I am certain Dan would not turn down an offer from someone who wanted to buy him a brand new Ford F-150 truck as a Christmas gift. In fact, from time to time, I have seen him gaze at some bright, shiny new truck with longing in his eyes.
Dan is the lead teaching pastor of a church that runs over 5,500 people in attendance each week and could easily rationalize driving a nice car or truck as part of his pastoral image. But Dan is not the least bit concerned with his pastoral image when it comes to material possessions. He is, however, deeply concerned with the image of God being seen in his life.
Is it wrong to want and desire nice things?
Not if we view and use those nice things as tools and refuse to worship them as idols. I sometimes think God has to strip us of everything we have so we can learn that He is our Source.
Just as the shepherd meets every need of his sheep, God meets our every need.
Just as sheep totally depend on the care of their shepherd, we would be wise to totally depend on God.
He is our Provider.
He is our Source.
And He is all we need.
Reflection point: Do you really see God as your Provider, the One who stands ready to meet every need you will ever have? Does your life reflect the promise that God is enough?
Application point: Think back to times when God has met your needs. Record each experience in your Victory Journal. And if you don’t have a Victory Journal, today would be a great time to start keeping one. Make a habit of searching for and keeping a record of God’s provision in your life.
Read and memorize Luke 12:15. "Jesus said to them, "Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. Life is not measured by how much one owns" (ICB).

o Prayer Closet
Pray that Delwyn gets a job that keeps her. Also our friend Bev needs a job.
Keep Cousin Ruth family in thoughts and prayers as they mourn her passing.
And last pray for me. Thank you.
o Cookbook Corner
II was excited this week when someone posted on Facebook an recipe for Buttermilk Pie now some of you might remember this if you were raised in the South.(USA) and some of you might be to young or just never had it but I suggest you to try it for this recipe go to http://whatscookingamerica.net/ButtermilkPie.htm
o Health Corner
Today I have had some rhubarb to eat and here is some good health benefit you can get from eating rhubarb.
o Tech Corner
Interesting read from Cnet on Facebook to read this go to

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