04 November 2014

Part II ~ Bill’s gallbladder op

o From the Desk with Bill
Part II ~ Bill's gallbladder op. Sat.25.Oct.2014
~ Later that morning around 5am I was woken up by the morning shift nurse wanting to check my blood pressure and give me a dose of cortisone up to eight times more than what I normally take daily and also to give me panadol for pain.
Nurse: Mr Cockrell how are you feeling this morning? Me: I'm feeling reasonable just a bit of pain but the panadol will take care of that. Nurse: Have you been to the toilet? Me: (Oh no here we go again..) No but now that you mention it perhaps I will go. Nurse: Good and I will return to give you a shot later. Me: Do what? Shot what on earth for and can you not just stick it in the IV drip? *points to iv thing in arm* Nurse: No this is to keep you from having blood clots and anyway I will wait until after your breakfast before I do give it to you. Me: ok I see you then (grumble grumble I really hate needles, wonders if this is a good time to find an escape route)
Anyway I decided to go to the toilet (Note to reader if you have a weak stomach or anger management problems please discontinue reading. Hehe) I went in and noticed the toilet havent been flushed(thinking to self I havent been in here so whats the deal here? Then I recalled the nurse explaining to me when I was half asleep how there are two rooms conjoined to one toilet and bath area and you have to lock it by a push of a button on the wall. Ok so someone from the other room has left this in here how nice – NOT! Its disqusting! Goes back out and grabs some gloves from the glove box on the wall and goes back in and starts cleaning. Then I done my business and cleaned up again and got out of there, anyway I slowly made myself back to the bed. I decided I would read my new book Truth Endures/John MacArthur some before my first breakfast would come. I was enjoying reading it but somehow I fell asleep and was woken up by the Breakfast Tray clanking on my table. Food lady: Good Morning Sir here is your breakfast. Me: Good Morning and Thank you kindly. * picks up lid from tray* (thinks to self ~ ahhh lookee here now here is something I recognize Weet-Bix,(2) hmm a bit stingy are we? Banana and toast with butter and marmalade. Ok Prayer of Thanks to God for another day, my family and this lovely food and God carrying me through this ordeal. Amen. I ate my breakfast and dived into my morning devotionals and also did some reading from Pocket of saved stuff from my feedly. I really enjoy these apps.
After Breakfast as promised the nurse turns up with a smile and a tray of a needle with stuff.
Nurse: Ok can you tell me your date of birth and full name and are you allergic to anything. They do this each time they are going to do something for you like shots. Me: (being cheeky)
29.July 1967, Bill Cockrell and allergic to needles – not really lol Nurse: Grins Okay Mr Cockrell I will warn you now do not touch where I give you the shot cause it will only make it last longer.
Me: (Chrinches Up) Takes a deep breath.and looks at her and the needle going in Nurse: (jabs) (grins) This is going to sting a bit. All done Me: Youcheee ( Thinks to self – okay okay okay stop stinging youchee youchee youchee stop stinging already!!!) Youchee that sure does sting!! Nurse: Okay here is some stuff for you when you have your shower. Me: Sounds good thank you kindly. (thinks to self – look forward to this) Umm nurse what about the bandages on me – Are they waterproof or will you need to change them? Nurse: they are waterproof. Me: Cool thanks
After a few moments of reading I decided to get a move on and take the shower, I went to the door and opened it and looked up and a guy from the room next door sitting on the loo reading the paper.
(thinks to self – Oy what on tarnations I is wanting a shower here man and you gonna sit on the loo and read the morning paper – that aint no bus stop or public parking) Oh pardon me sorry and shuts the door very quickly (hears rustling of paper) (thinks to self – why did he not lock the door makes no sense anyway oh well – trys to ferget the image – now what am I gonna do oh look window I will go check it out and see what I can see and take pictures)
So I grabbed my phone and started snapping photos.
Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

As you can see in this picture above that green light next to door well when its red you cannot enter if its locked by the other person using the toilet or shower. After I took these pictures I took another shot at the door and the man still sitting there reading his paper. So I went and had a seat in the chair in my room and pulled out an old Intouch devotional and started reading it some and the nurse walks in.
Nurse: Mr. Cockrell would you like a cup of coffee? Me: Yes please. (thinking and grumbling I would like to have had my shower already too.) Nurse: Would you like sugar or anything else in your coffee? Me: No I'm sweet enough without it. Chuckles Nurse: grins – okay. For someone who is getting over a surgery you are feeling pretty good I take it? .. Are you wanting someone to help you take a shower? Me: No Ma'am I can manage I think I'm just waiting for the next person to get out of the toilet, Nurse: The green light is on so its a Go! (So she goes over to the toilet and opens the door and sure enough He had moved himself back to bed I presumed and she goes in and flushes toilet and comes back out) Yes its clear. Me: Thanks and I see I'm not the only one flushing toilets after other people this morning.(I explained myself of my comment) Nurse: (rolls eyes) Sorry about that and yes you dont know half the story. Smiles and walks away – call me if you need anything. Me: Don't care to know either and hops out of bed and starts for shower, locks the door and finally has one unlocks door and returns to a clean made up bed.
Got on Google+ then I checked my emails then had a look at Facebook and Twitter, made comments on some.
Then a lady comes through cleaning up the place and making it smell like pine... great smelling stuff. She continues to clean and opens the door to the toilet only to find someone sitting and shuts the door quickly. Me: (Thinks to self – arrrghhhhh and decides to go to sleep and rest.)
Stay tune to Part 3 - Bill's getting annoyed.

o Family News
Well Im healing up nicely and had a few good part days and other time I'm exhausted.

o Weather – A bit wet and windy lately maybe a couple days of nice sunshine last week.

o Cornerstone
I receive emails all the time from numerous friends and family, if you have anything you like to share please
email me at elder@gracechurch-sl.org
For this Cornerstone tibit it comes from a blog I read – Go Check it out! - http://gentlereformation.com/2014/10/28/is-there-any-point-in-trying/
Prayers needed.
Pray for Delwyn as she continues her job.
Please continue to pray for me as I gain strength.

o Cookbook Corner
A Great Sweet Potato fries recipe comes from Pioneer woman. Go check out her website @

o Health Corner
Cholesterol Lowering tips from website http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/health/health+advice/cholesterol+lowering+tips,33259
What is cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a solid, white, waxy substance that your body needs to make hormones and essential cell components. Most of the cholesterol in your body is made in the liver, but cholesterol is also present in some foods.
Why is it a problem?
Too much cholesterol in the blood will block your coronary arteries, which carry blood to the heart muscle. The heart is starved of oxygen, increasing the risk of a heart attack.
How do I get my cholesterol levels tested?
Ask your doctor for a simple blood test. A cholesterol test measures your LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), triglycerides and total cholesterol levels.
Top cholesterol lowering tips
Drop the salt: Excess salt in the diet can cause blood pressure to rise. Around 75 per cent of the salt we eat comes from processed foods,  so check the label and choose the brand with the lowest sodium content.
Eat fibre: Soluble fibre can help lower cholesterol reabsorption, and assist with blood glucose level control. Find it in oat bran, barley bran, wheat bran, rolled oats, legumes, wholemeal breads, cereals, fruit and vegetables. It can be difficult to meet recommended daily requirements of fibre; fibre supplements like Metamucil are a great way to supplement your daily fibre needs and help lower cholesterol when taken in conjunction with a balanced, healthy diet.
Get moving: Exercise can help with lowering the risk of heart disease. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 3–5 times a week.
Eat good fats: Avoid having too many foods containing saturated and trans fats such as meat, full cream dairy, baked goods and fried foods. Instead eat foods like fish, nuts and avocados.
Stop smoking: Regular smoking increases the possibility of a heart attack in people with chronic heart problems. Persistence is the key when it comes to quitting smoking!
Stress less: Too much stress is not good for your health. It’s important to find a way to manage your stress levels.

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