17 November 2014

Bill gets annoyed

Published & Written by Bill Cockrell Monday,17.November 2014

o From the Desk with Bill

I woke up with some pain so I hit the call button for the nurse and she comes to give me pain relief and also some cortisone through the iv tube.
Nurse: Mr Cockrell we will moving you guys to a lower floor since the holidays and no one will be in operation so everyone is going down a floor.
Me: Okay no problem
(After Lunch which I had was Fish with cheese melted on top and I dont recall what the other stuff was. Anyway afterwards the nurses came in started unplugging us from the wall and moving us.
I have to admit laying in a bed getting pushed about in a bed is not fun it would have been if I were perhaps 34 years younger but the nurses tugged and pushed the bed to get into the small elevator and go down a floor. I was holding myself trying not to think of what pain I might endure if this elevator jolted but it didnt and the only pain was my head feeling faint. Haha
Got to the other floor and rolled out and they were looking for my room.
Nurse: okay Mr Cockrell I believe this is your room in here with Mr. Stephen (not using real name)
Me: okay (thinks to self) wait a minute I had a room to myself and now I'm sharing a room with someone, I see what they mean when they said lower you to the next floor down. Looks at Stephen
wait a minute this is the guy who was in the room next to me and now we going to share rooms.
So they hooked me up and everything started working. A lady came in and asked if we were to like anything to drink Coffee or Tea so I said Tea with milk and ½ spoon of sugar please and the other fellar said Tea with sugar. So we went on about getting our drinks and Stephen spoke.

Stephen: Do you have tv?
Me: (thinks to self) Yes I have tv can He not see it? And plus He has one and all rooms have televisions what kind of question is that?
Yes I replied I have a television here but we have to pay to watch them which is a bummer.
Stephen: yes I agree, so where you from?
 Me: Manukau City not far from here. 
Stephen: Yes same here. 
Me: Yeah I have lived here since 2004. 
Stephen: I see so that explains your accent. Me: Yes its a Southern Accent Im originally from Texas. Stephen: oh you're a John Wayne even tall like Texans.
Me: chuckle* not all Texans are tall but everything in Texas is big though even our egos. 
Stephen: Yes I hear things are big there; Im from Italy. 
Me: Italy.. well we are both a long ways from our homeland. Even though I consider this my home now. 
Stephen: Me too I have been here since the early 1970s with my parents. 
Me: Nice you ever visit your homeland? 
Stephen: Yes I visit my sister there every other year. 
Me: That's good to see family. 
Stephen: Yes by the way I'm Stephen. 
Me: I'm Bill and nice to meet you Stephen. 
Stephen: Nice meeting you too. 

~ Then a nurse for Stephen came in and was given a shot to Stephen and then he goes to the toilet. When he comes back he goes to sleep and I started reading my Bible and then Bryan,Kylee and Jessica comes in to visit so I said well lets go to the end of the hallway theres a visitors room down there so we went do there and talked then later I started hurting so we made our way back to the room and I laid there and Kylee said You should ask them for something stronger than Panadol and I agreed I would so I called them and asked them for something stronger she came and gave me something stronger and I told the nurse about Jessica before bragging about how shes the cutest thing I ever seen and she is such a blessing to our family and we all love her to bits and so I said this is the grandbaby I been bragging about so she gladly smiled at chatted to Jessica then went about her business, meanwhile I was concerned about Stephen sleeping so I said lets go back down to the end room so Jessica could giggle away and talk to Pawpaw then later Delwyn bought Bev a friend of ours and we all had a good chat, the Bryan,Kylee and Jessica left for home we went back to my room talked some then Delwyn said they needed to be going soon too cause both of them havent had Dinner which was about 8pm. Saturday night. So we said our goodbyes and I was glad for their visits after they left I did some more reading.
I was woken up by the aroma of something good and it was my Dinner which was Chicken,rice greenbeans and carrots and bread pudding on the table next to me I had fallen asleep reading. So I raised my bed and had my Dinner and later I had to go to the toilet, I went in there and talk about stink, I got very annoyed Stephen had gone and left the toilet unflushed again. (thinks to self) Ok I have had it with this stink ~ no one needs to be going to a toilet like this. So I left the toilet area and opened the door and left the door open so the stink could fill the room and walked to another room which was empty and used their toilet and came back and I got back in bed I was very annoyed. Then Stephen's nurse comes in and could smell the stink and went and flushed the toilet and shuts the door and fans the air. 
Stephen: I apologize I forgot to flush the toilet I am used to my toilet flushing behind me. 
Me: I said well I apologize for leaving the door open and no I dont think these toilets are going to flush behind us. 
Stephen Nurse: chuckles quietly passing my bed. 
Stephen: Please forgive me for leaving it unflushed. 
Me: No problem Stephen I guess we all do things accidently sometimes. 
Stephen's Nurse: Would you gentlemen like any drinks trying to change the subject. 
Stephen and I both said: Coffee please. 

~Then around 10pm I felt really tired and went to sleep but Stephen was still up shuffling about and reading something I was not aware what.
Later on a Nurse comes to me who happens to be a night nurse. Hi I'm Heidi (not real name) I'm the nurse on the night shift (thinks to self) you look it ~ she sortive looked like she was upset or had a long day with no sleep but she looked rough, reminds me of some of the redneck girls I have known along the way back in the South. Haha! Or perhaps she rode on a bike to work but Anyway. 

Me: Hello nice to meet you. 
Nurse: I'm here to check your blood pressure and give you a dose of cortisone. While she was checking my blood pressure she was listening to my heart and then. 
Nurse: hmm sounds a bit off. 
Me: oh its my normal its an irregular heartbeat but it beats funny.
 Nurse: I know that but your heart seems slower than normal we will need to check it with a heart monitor. So she drags the heart thing in and hooks me up and sure enough my heart was slower than normal and while she was checking it I started having some pain in my chest and she said okay we need to get the doctor in here. 
Me: Okay (thinks to self) Okay what on earth is wrong with my heart it beats funny now it wants to go slower??
  Nurse: okay the doctor is not coming in but has said if it gets lower than 34 I believe she said that then they will assist me further but its proably because of my body getting adjusted to the change and will keep an eye on it so they checked it again in an hour and apparently it went back to its normal speed which I was happy about.
Me: Awesome its back to normal.
~ I crashed back to sleep in good peace that I was going to be okay then only to be woken up by Stephen and a bright light from the wall over his bed.
Me: (grumble to self ~ what on tarnation is he doing this late at night) I thought well since I was awake I will make my way to the toilet so I went toilet all good and clean (YAY I thought to myself) come back out and boom it hit me in the face Stephen is reading a Bible reading scriptures and praying.
Me: Oh Reading the best news in the world the Good news of the Bible. 
Stephen: Yes better than most news of the world. 
Me: I so agree there. So I said So Stephen You are a Christian then?
Stephen: Yes he replied. 
Me: Awesome same here. So everything okay. 
Stephen: Yes Thank you Bill. 
Me: Most welcome ~ then I made my way back to bed feeling bad about being a grumpy ole person and decided to read some out of my bible and devotionals and Stephen turned his light out and I decided I would too and went to sleep.
Stay tuned for next time: Sunday ~ Going home or not?

o Family News
Well got some upsetting news on the 7th Nov at my 10:20am from America which was their 6th of November. From my cousins Theresa & Jennifer that their Aunt Judy had passed away which was my 1st cousin Judy. She will surely be missed by all the family members. Well loved by everyone.

Other news my wife Delwyn was made redundant from her job.

o Weather – Rain, rain did I say rain?

o Season – Rai.. oh wait its Spring thats why all this rain the flowers need watering, They have looked great on a few sunny days.

o Cornerstone
There are several good things I read this week and here are those links, Please go read them.

7 Things Every Christian Should Do Every Day

Not that kind of homosecuality by Kevin DeYoung

and last but not least. A Prayer for Dealing with My Plank-Filled Eye by Scotty Smith

o Prayer Closet
Please keep my Cousin Judy's family in prayer! Much Appreciated!
Also pray for my wife while she seeks for a new job.

o Cookbook Corner
This Recipe called Cheesy Honey Cornbread Muffins come from the Southern lady cooks @
Man talk about making your mouth water I havent tried it yet but it looks good to me.

o Health Corner

o Tech Corner

Okay I find Tim Challies very helpful in a lot of wonderful things he shared with his readers so if you havent had a chance to read his blog I recommend that you go and sign up for his posts, I have come to enjoy reading his more than writing mine lol but anyway here is some great tech help in gadgets you can use that I found very useful myself. But start with this page then follow from there. Tell him Bill sent you ~ Thank you.

Also I found a helpful link go check it out and follow the instructions in videos and see if this is something you would enjoy and I would appreciate a comment if you do use it.

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