17 October 2014

Yuck Coconut oil

Good Evening Blogeyes,

I did another load of laundry and hung them out this morning and they dried rather nicely and the weather was sunny now and again but mostly cloudy and very windy, a few times I thought it would rain while the clothes were out on the line but Im grateful that it didnt.

I took my medicine this morning even though I was a bit late getting up. I don't understand it but sometimes I'm bushy tail and wide awake in the mornings and I get up and do stuff, other mornings I wake up feel extremly tired and fall back to sleep and this can happen twice before I move and it can be 11 – 12 midday. I thought it was the depression medicine causing it and have taking it at the different times as the doctor said and this last time he said midday which is about the time I get up some mornings, anyway I hope to come to a solution soon cause I'm wanting to get up about 6am every morning and crash about 11pm. I know sometimes Im up late cause I can't sleep at night.. anyway the story of my life.

In other news which is good news is my new book arrived from Grace books (http://www.gracebooks.co.nz/) (NZ) I ordered called Truth Endures ~ Landmark Sermons by John MacArthur. If you live in New Zealand, please buy your books from them and tell them I sent you!

I did the cooking dinner tonight. BBQ steak, Cabbage,Carrots and Baked Potatos and I thought I really shouldnt use any butter on my potato so I will use this Coconut oil that I bought the other day called fmf brand Premium Coconut oil which is made from fiji and I was thinking it says 100% coconut I will pour some on my food to flavour it up a bit, hahahaha flavour it up I did, that is the most nastiest taste I have ever had in my mouth besides having a Lava soap in my mouth in my younger days.. I nearly gagged on the food with the taste so I read it (yeah I know read it before eating) Suitable for Cosmetic Use,Body Massage and Traditional Use.. okay Traditional use well what exactly does that mean Traditional use, only traditional I know is eating the stuff. Well that ruined my Dinner, I did manage to wash some of it off but yeah I can still taste it. I have learned my lesson stick with coconut oil that you know is eatable and have had before, what also gets me is this stuff was in the food isle. Anyway enough of Coconut oil talk.

My plan tomorrow is to get out of bed andd try and work on my wordpress blog page and see if I can make it the way I want it and it may take me some time. I am looking to use my own picture at the top and add some gadgets on the side like my other blog.

Thats all for tonight God Bless and thanks for reading.

Bill Cockrell aka RoosterNZ

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