15 October 2014


Hello Blogeyes

The last few days has been quite nice and sunny here in South Auckland(Spring season) and I managed today to wash a basket load of laundry and put them on the line and also spent a few minutes off and on with granddaughter Jessica. She is such a blessing to our family and just amazing to watch as she grows up so quickly and learns words at such a young age. Her parents are doing an excellent job with her, granny and I (pawpaw) try and help when we are called on.

In other news some of you know I will be heading in on the 24th of October, Friday to Manukau Surgery Centre to get my gallbladder removed, I have mixed emotions about it all but the sooner its done and over with the happier Id be and less pain in that area. I am excited that its going to be near home thats a blessing. I hear people lose weight after the surgery so if thats true then I look forward to that and plus Im going to be eating better anyhow I have had to many years of eating piles of junk foods and enjoying it but this is what happens when you dont look after yourself. So please keep me in prayer. Speaking of my operation my Pastor from Covenant Presbyterian came by and visited me,prayed and let me know that God is with me every step of the way, which I believe anyway but its nice for the reassurance.

Last week my brother and friend from Grace Baptist of Second Life was absent and wanted me to take his place for a Morning devotional reading from Our Daily Bread which I did I was a bit nervous as it was my first time in ages doing something like that. This was over the microphone in the comfort of my own home it wasnt like I was facing a crowd of people but still I was nervous. I enjoyed it and He has asked me to do it again sometimes once a week if I may, so I will pray and think it over.

I have really started to enjoy feedly(https://feedly.com/#discover),Pocket(http://getpocket.com) and Evernote https://www.evernote.com apps thanks to David Murray(http://headhearthand.org/blog/) and Tim Challies now I can glance over titles of blogs and choose the ones I want to read first and if I really enjoy them and want to read them again I save them over to Pocket. For other great ideas and reads I suggest you go check them out.

Until next time God Bless

Bill Cockrell aka RoosterNZ

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