16 October 2014

Don't put it off to do later

Good Evening Blogeyes,

You ever had this bright idea,Tomorrow I'm going to do this task and tomorrow comes and its a total flop well today is one of those days, well perhaps not total but its a flop when its important.
I even added it to my phone to do this and it even buzzed at me and I said yeah yeah and turned it off and said to myself later when I have finished writing this email.

So here it is 10:14pm and I still haven't gotten around to doing it and I'm tired and should be sleeping. Okay the thing I forgot was put my medicine in its containers for the following week. Its one of the easiest task to do and I hate doing it. I did accomplish to wash some dishes and do some laundry,hang them out on the line and bring them in off the line and I manage to read blogs and catch up on Goggle+,Facebook and Twitter but not my medicine ~ arrrrgghhhhhhh..

One thing I tried doing today is redoing my word-press blog with a different theme but I just cant get the handle of how these work as I do on blogger. I'm still not happy with it so I will have to experiment with it some more. Also trying to get into the habit of blogging again like I used to.

Anyway enough of this for tonight I'm off to do the thing I should have done first thing this morning sort out my medicine for the week.
Until next time God Bless
Bill Cockrell aka RoosterNZ

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