20 October 2014

Changing the way I blog

o CockadoodleDooo
Good Evening Everyone,

I have decided to go back to my very first type of blogging even though many of you haven't seen it anyway back then I mostly did it for my family website which is no longer available.

o Family News

Bryan and Kylee got Jessica a playpen and I was cheeky when I seen it and put their cat in it and she just ran through the space, Jessica was asleep at the time. Kylee is working hard at her job and Bryan home looking after Jessica and doing a splendid job. Pawpaw(me) gets to help now and again.

Delwyn is working hard at her new job but finds it a bit stressful at times.

Allan still practicing the guitar.

o Weather – Well it was nice and sunny yesterday but this morning it spit some but later the sun was back out and shining.
o Season – Well its Spring time here in New Zealand and the temps have been rather nice, tempture around 12C ~ 23C.

o Cornerstone

Favourite read for today as to come from Ligonier Ministries

o Prayers needed. 
(If you have any prayer request that you don't mind me posting on my blog please email me.)
Please continue to pray for me as I will be going in Friday 24th Oct. for my gallbladder operation.

o Recipe Corner.
(If you have a personal recipe you’d like to share, much appreciated.)

Well this past week I discovered some cool Oatmeal ideas and a sister shared with me how she does hers and so if you love oatmeal and want to have a good healthy breakfast go check out this link - http://madebyrenee.blogspot.co.nz/2012/07/delicious-overnight-no-cook-oatmeal.html

o Health Corner.
Great read from this site on squeezing in a workout when your busy. http://www.sparkpeople.com/blog/blog.asp?post=10_ways_to_fit_in_fitness_when_theres_no_time
Hope you enjoyed this post today, please comment if possible – Thank you and God Bless
Bill Cockrell aka RoosterNZ

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