17 March 2014


Good day Blogeyes

Sorry I havent written in a while but a lot has happened lately in the family.

First thing I want to mention is the awesome arrival of Jessica McKenzie( 1st granddaughter) What a blessing she is and a very attentive and cute. And the parents are just awesome and doing a magnificent job! Okay will stop bragging but Pawpaw and Granny is proud!

Well as for Hurricane Lusi – she is making a mess along New Zealand but nothing New Zealand wont get through. Speaking of New Zealand, this morning at Covenant Presbyterian we had the Girls Brigade give us a Presentation and together we sang The National Athem of New Zealand, and as we sang ‘guard Pacific’s triple star’ I got sidetrack in thinking triple wait theres four stars, then I recall someone saying the triple stars represent the North Island, South Island and Stewart Island rather thats true or not I do not know but makes sense. Then I got to thinking about the idea of a “New” New Zealand as there has been talk of changing it, I have mix feelings about it really and if we are to change it is it going to represent the whole New Zealand as one and its culture, I have seen different flags drawn up I think the two I like most is here - http://johnansell.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/nz-flag-white-fern-on-black-red-stars.jpg and here http://johnansell.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/nz-flag-red-stars-on-black-southern-cross-layout.jpg
Anyway its all excited and interesting what the future holds for New Zealand and its flag. I'll be happy whichever way it goes if we have either of these two flags or keep the same flag.

On SecondLife(3D virtual community) I have been involved with a loving CyberChurch called Grace Baptist Church and they have selected me as Deacon there. You can listen to them livestream at or visit our webpage http://gracechurch-sl.us/.
If you go to the top you can see links to our Youtube page and Prayer wall and if you are ever on Second Life look us up we would love to have you join in with us.

At my local Church ~ Covenant Presbyterian Church, its been great to see old faces in our combined church service of sister Churches, our old Pastor Peter who has gone to plant a new Church with some of the members who has also gone and helped in this process, but it was a blessing to see them last Sunday then this Sunday it was a blessing to see Loraine and Pastor Ross who was one of the founders of our Covenant Presbyterian Church. I had to give him a brotherly hug it was so great to see him. I was hoping he was preaching today but we had a good message from our Pastor Peter Reynolds you can watch this message “a Mary heart in a Martha world” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66IFhlb2bUg along with other sermons. We have been in the book of Ephesians which is a favourite book of mine.

Well I have been having all kinds of problems with back and side, Im guessing its a mixture from passing out from heat one week and or the corner of my bed leg as come loose and not sure how long its been like that, but since I have found that leg off I repaired it temporaly and my back as improved much but still comes and goes and also had a stomach bug apprently there is one going around in New Zealand. My depression also comes and goes but I keep praying and pressing on.

The rest of the family here in New Zealand have been busy either in their jobs or being an busy vital family member. I'm truly blessed.

Well I suppose that wraps it up for now so until next time God Bless

Bill Cockrell/RoosterNZ

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