14 November 2013

Wow time passes fast ~ 14.Nov.2013

G'morning Blogeyes,

Well doesnt time fly by when you're not looking?
Last few days I havent been myself and had a few headaches off and on so I tried not to wear myself out.

I have been enjoying myself at Kaneva and Second Life, They are a social network games like Sims if you ever played Sims but you interact with real people.

On Kaneva a friend of mine created a Castle and some very unique furniture to go in it and gave it to me on a World deed, it was very nice of her. Its huge and I can run around in it and still get lost. lol  I will try and take pictures sometimes and post them.

On Second Life I have been enjoying a great deal of fellowship with Pastor Bryan and his family and also Pastor Michael, and a few others that comes regulary and I have made friends with. I have left the Presbyterian group that I belonged too there over the issue of women pastors asked to pray for one, I dont mind praying for a woman but being a pastor is a different issue with me, most people knows what I mean so I left in a peaceful manner, I did enjoy the fellowship over the last few years but I think Im a bit more conservative.

Well after a few days of not doing the dishes they did pile up on me and I tackled them yesterday and also did a small basket of laundry at the same time.

One night while Allan(oldest stepson) was doing some work me and my wife decided to go out of Tea, and we stopped at this Roast takeaway.. apparently my wife didnt see the sign that said a bed of rice, anyway I got Roast lamb and Pork which was nice and tender but for vegetable it was chop suey and bed of rice well shoot you might as well say there was enough rice in there for three meals. We sit at one of the nice parks and ate our meal and a Momma Pukeko was enjoying my rice and taking some back to her youngins, the rice was clumped together so she was able to get most of it to them without dropping to much on the way, it was a funny sight and she would take several trips. We were disappointed in the vegetable part of the meal, normally you would get more vegetables, but the lamb and pork was nice and tender. anyway we will do better next time.

Then the following night my wife and I were talking about what we could do for that night for Tea and I said well lets go get the roast meal we did want so I got and big ole roasted lamb ribs and roasted pumpkin and taters and I dont remember what my wife got but we enjoyed it and I offered to buy Allan something but He decided he wanted a normal Kiwi at home meal Baked beans on toast lol. when I first came to New Zealand at the Men at our Church were eatting Spaghetti on toast and I was like what Spaghetti for breakfast whats wrong with these folks lol and now I do the same thing sometimes or for tea (last meal of the day)

I talked with my friend Nate who is in a divorce already after one month of marriage which is sad, thats the shortest marriage I have witnessed among friends, it seems a few of my friends are in broken marriages. Its all about Trust,Faithfulness,Commitments and most of all Love well its bound to happen. Some friends I thought would be together up to old age fell apart. Its shocking sometimes.

There has been enough Fire Crackers the last few nights that it definatly getting on my nerves and last night was the worst some stupid moron decided to set some off at two in the morning and I thought it was a gun fire until I saw the sky light up they werent too far from us. They still celebrating Guy Fawkes.. yeah I dont think some even know what they celebrating they just like the noise of firecrackers, I wish they would ban them for good it scares the animals and some young ones, unless they were away and in some rugby field somewhere and allow the public in to watch it in one place I could handle that but stupid people waking me up in the early parts of the morning or when we are trying to watch a program on television.. anyway now the Christmas decorations are out and so are the planning for Christmas holidays.

Last night I cooked Tea. We had Bacon and Cheese saugages,mashed taters, mint peas and salad which contained more than lettuce and tomatoes lol.

Well now that I talked about food I suppose I better go and have some breakfast and nuke my coffee thats going cold and No I wont have Spaghetti or bake beans on toast Im going for the Weet - Bix!
Until next time God Bless

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