07 November 2013

last two days

Hello Blogeyes,

Well I apologize that I didnt write anything yesterday(there will be days like this lol) but I said I would today so here it is.

Well Yesterday was rather busy, I ran around like a rooster with his head cut off sorting the house for the Birthday Party for my eldest stepson Allan. It became quite a chore but I finally got it done and finally got off my feet as they tend to swell up if I stay on them to long which I have been on them a lot the last few days but its all good.

Afterwards I spent some time on the computer chatting with friends and have been working on the Church in the game called Kaneva, trying to build a replica of my real life home Church building.
Then in another game called 2nd Life I got me a few chickadee birds to go with my place, they were my favourite birds in Texas and also have my favourite Texas wildflower the Indian paintbrushes. Its looking good. I have been enjoying 2nd life more and more, to me it seems less drama than kaneva and I enjoy devotional time with Christians on there.

It was nice to see my mumnlaw last night along with my stepsons other grandparents George and Mary, its rough to see people getting older, love each of these dearly. We had awesome food and youngest stepson Bryan was a tremendous help with the food preperations and of course my wife's also putting things together. It was all good food and awesome company, nothing like a family party.

After everyone left from birthday party I talked with some friends on Kaneva which is always nice, sometimes we share with each other about the Bible etc then I worked some on the Church project that Im doing on there, hopefully I will finish it someday soon and get it up and going so friends can come and watch Church services from Youtube that I will share on there that comes from my Home Church.

Well for this morning after Delwyn had woken me up to tell me she was off to work, I dozzed back off for a short while then Fluffy decided I was to be getting up she came into the room and jumped on the bed and meowed her head off so I got up,later I went to the front room(living room,lounge) and discovered it was a tad chilly than what I was dressed for and I discovered that the dishes needed washing but no soap so I put that off til later or I might ask Bryan for some lol. So after breakfast I told fluffy I dont know about her but I wasnt no hurry to move around so I grabbed the blanket in my chair and laid back down on the couch and the next thing I know shes at my feet meowing and I told her to hush and lay down or go do something else lol so she laid down and just stared at me with the cheeky look of hers. The reason she meowed was is because the blanket was in my chair and that she had been laying there and she wanted it back lol but she quickly learned I wasnt returning it just yet. Finally I did get up cause the coffee was calling me.

So now Im here with my coffee wrapped in a blanket thinking of going back and getting some jeans on and perhaps some socks and houseshoes. Its 59F/15C and very wet outside so no laundry today as yet but knowing New Zealand weather it could change in less than an hour. Lol

Suppose now I will go to Second Life for a Wednesday night service(America) at Grace Baptist Church so looking forward to that.

Until next time
God Bless

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