02 November 2013

G'day Blogeyes,
Hope everyone is enjoying or looking for to enjoying their weekend, being Saturday here my lovely wife and I went to Alfriston Country Craft Market this morning and did our stall, we did reasonable but I think we spent more than we earned.
I got myself three nice little pot plants cactus(yeah I know another one) and two other odd looking plants that I thought was nice, I will have to look them up to know what they are called I fergot to ask the lady I was just happy to get them.
My wife got a few groceries and a couple tomato plants, one for me which is acid free easier for me to eat.
It sure got windy and too chilly for me while we were there even though its Spring season here its still a tad chilly at times but I kept saying to myself stop complaining cause you gonna want this weather in the Summer when its hot and humid.
We started packing up around 12 midday and decided we would stop by McDonalds Manurewa and get a Big Mac and they were advertising them for $3 Special and we said why not then as we were ordering them my wife told the lady to leave off the iceberg lettuce for me since it upsets me.. well blow me down the lady said well it will be regular cost if we do that ... REGULAR COST TO CUT OUT THE LETTUCE?? I can see paying the same price but regular for leaving something off anyway I said oh go ahead and I will get it off later myself.. just plain stupid if you ask me but anyway.
After a while my wife now taking Allan (my stepson) to mow lawns and its nice and sunny out there now.
Anyway Im tired I think I will take me a nice evening snooze.
Until next time

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