04 November 2013


G'day Blogeyes,

Did a bit of rushing about this morning getting ready for Church I drinking my last bit of coffee and then my wife and I headed out..
The Church service was great, My Pastor spoke a message called “In your Anger do not Sin” from Ephesians 4:25 -32.
We had an announcement that a family needed a place to stay over a little while instead of the California Airport waiting on the things to clear there and my wife thought of our friend & sister Jana that didnt live far from there. We are so greatful for her and family for allowing this Church member and kids to stay there. God's work among Christian brothers and sisters indeed.

After Church My wife took me home so I get online and go to an online Church at Second Life, and the brother spoke on “Grumblings” Such as the Israelites did while in the Wilderness. And how We grumbled about different things. My wife went and bought me a Steak and Mushroom Pie and a crème filled apple turnover.

Afterwards I decided to take a nap I felt lightheaded, then later my wife woke me up and asked if I was going to Evening Church Service and I said yeah and I dragged myself out of bed and we arrived at Church and we slipped near the back row as we were a tad late.

Evening Pastor spoke from Luke 1:1-4 called “The History and Story of Jesus Christ”.
I will post this later when it is put up and if you like what you hear you can always follow the YouTube Channel called CovenantVid.
After Church I surprised my wife as I drove us home, I normally dont drive I really dont like driving in New Zealand and hate the roundabouts, never cared for those things.Well we made it home in one piece. lol

Well after receiving a cheque from a lockjob I did couple days ago I decided to shout us some Fish & Chips for Tea(Last meal) and it was funny my wife said as we started to sit down to watch tv together that it was strange to be eating these naughty foods and watching Biggest Loser and I said Nope I dont feel guilty, I might feel guilty if I was having another filled crème apple turnover. Lol

Anyway that pretty much how my day was but I thought I wanted to mention my heart goes out to those people caught up in the shooting at the California airport. And is thankful to the men and women who put their lives on the line to bring Justice.

Thats it for now so God Bless until next time!

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