27 November 2013


G'day Blogeyes,

I sit here this morning looking over Facebook at the Thanksgiving stuff that is being posted everyone on different people walls as those who are celebrating it. I can't be thankful enough of all the things that there are to be thankful for but I am Thankful just waking up even though I might have had a rough night sleeping but God giving me the strength to carry on the next day, even each breath that I take, seeing the beauty of the world that a blind person cannot enjoy the same, hearing the sounds of love ones as they talk with one another or to me or hearing a favourite song, some of you know that I wear two hearing aids but without those hearing aids the sounds would be so dim but even the slightest sound is a sweet sound. Tasting food or tasting coffee the first thing in the morning or smelling it as the sweet aroma feels the house. I could go on and on but sometimes we forget about the little things that others might miss out on. Now in our home we will not be celebrating a big Thanksgiving Dinner but we are all still so very thankful for what we have that God has provided for us over the years.

Last few days my Cousin Roy and Threasa has posted family pictures up on their wall or on my wall of my Aunt Faye(my mother's sister). Roy tells me she is often talking about me and asking where I am and when He tells her she asks what is doing in New Zealand? Roy pretty much as to keep telling her often as she has Alzheimers. He also has told me out of all the seven kids of her own she asks about me her nephew; not that she doesnt love her kids I know she loves each of them ,I have seen her love among the family and she loves them all. I am reminded a many times I would ride down the road on my bike to her house which was like a half a mile from our house on post oak in Fairfield and She would have the house filled with the aroma of cornbread,peas and my favourite memory is the Fried mackarel fish cake sort of way she made them and I would ride home eatting one and my momma would say where you get that I said Aunt Fayes house and she would send me back to get her one or two if Aunt Faye was okay with it, and if we had the stuff my mom would send me to Aunt Faye to make more, there was a many times when we might not had much to eat but Aunt Faye and Uncle George helped us. I'm in tears just for these memories and think how time has flown by. Aunt Faye looks great in the pictures and then there was my photos coming in and in one of them was Mrs Margie Brown and I was joyful to see her as well as I was told she had passed away but apparently not she is still alivc, talk about another sweetheart she was one of the strong elderly Christian women that was God fearing and loving person and was very faithful to her Church and family even work that she did as I recall once in Peyton Brothers selling shoes etc where I first met her and I was attached the first time by her friendliness,her smile and her saying “Okie Dokie” I suppose thats the first time I heard that phrase and picked it up. She even ran the Senior Citizen Caferteria on the old Fairfield Reunion Grounds, and I was volunteering there helping delivering meals or there to have lunch with my dad and I have to tell this story but she said one time “well its Finally Friday and Last night we had “hail” talking about the weather, I spoke to her as she was headed to the kitchen I said Mrs Brown did you say we had hail last night and she said yes I did and I said I thought we get “hell” everyday, she gave me the look and her mouth frowned and eyebrows raised. She said Billy you go sit down and behave yourself then we both chuckled as she knew I was only teasing her. Also in one of the pictures was an ole teacher of mine but he was there visiting his mothernlaw I had to ask though cause I was like he aint that old to be in a nursing home.. but Mr Pillans looked great.

I have been making new friends all over second life and enjoying listening to preaching,teaching,good fellowship among other Christians. I love making new friends and sharing.

I bought some Chinese takeaway last night for Tea and it was very nice I enjoyed it. My wife and I set and watched some television, we watched Days of our lives and we are at the part where they trying to discover who shot Stefano Dimera ( reminds me of who shot J.R.) lol – Im guessing EJ and she is guessing John or someone else, we both are not sure and I aint so sure He dead anyway He is the Phoenix, he wears the ring to prove it, I always say why dont someone take that ring off him.Anyway enough about that rubbish lol

Well next month Im suppose to see the doctor and Im not looking forward to it as I have put on weight yes thats put on weight not lose it like I had planned on doing.. anyway Im not going to let it get to me.

Well I suppose that wraps it up for now so until next time God Bless


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