13 November 2012

Hello Readers, I think this is very important for people to see and that the main stream media wont talk about, but most of all I want to THANK EVERY MAN AND WOMAN who has served for my Freedom and Country.. First of all to my Home Country of America and also my Home that I now claim here in New Zealand. But this video is for those in America to listen to whats happening to those who are fighting and losing their lives. I'm heart sunked by this and for the re-election of Obama. I said some pretty angry things on my facebook and have departed from lots of friends on there for celebrating on his behalf and even removed some from my Twitter. My heart still aches to this day but I will pray and keep looking for Christ return. I was wrong with being angry and removing people cause some I'm sure are blind to Obama and main stream media lies that are told over and over or they just plain ignorant but whats done is done, I'm pressing on. Families of all these young men and women in these horrible wars I'm am truly Thankful for their sacrifices and your commitment to our Countries. Please watch this Video with an open heart and really listen.


Also their website is under my links of interest if you would like to see their webpage. Please leave a comment if you wish. Thank you! God Bless ><> Isaiah 40:8

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