24 August 2012

Hello Readers,

Yes the name has changed to my blog from Thoughts for Today to Pressing on.
 I thought of different things to Pressing on and thought Paul surely did press on even after been through what He had been through and in prison. But thats not the reason for name change, The reason behind my name change is really I dont post enough for every day to call it a Thought for Today.. but I do press on each day like every person does in this rat race we call life.. I guess you can say Im going through a change in my life, not sure if I can call it midlife crisis cause i dont truly dont understand the meaning of it, lack of wanting to find out, I have heard different angles of it and none of them seem appealing. I feel as though this change in me is that Im becoming less tolerant of things, which can be both rewarding and to some a pain in the ass to others, but if personal growth comes from it why not and if folks want to be honest again why not. I think I would rather see people being honest with themselves and others and stop putting themselves last in everything, Yes I agree some things are left unsaid, Im not talking about knocking someone down but be total honest with yourself and those around you. Yes I guess you can say Im ranting here but Im pressing on, this is the reason for the name change.
Do I have personal struggles? Yes I do, Like Paul in says in Romans 7:15 For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. but don't stop there continue reading on through to the end of chapter 8. Hopefully after this you can see where I am.
Do I love my family? Absolutely, rather they be near me or afar off I love them all dearly and I want the best for them all and to tell them also to Press On, No every day is a challenge we all must face rather its a lovely sunshine day on the first day of Spring. or the ugliest day and we are in a storm we must keep pressing on, Im constantly reminded of the song my stepmother used to sing for me called "Nobody said it was going to be easy" Not that I ever thought it would be, I have been through alot in this life to see that. but I can guantee its alot easier going through it with Yeshua by my side than totally alone.
Do I have friends? Yes I do have many wonderful friends that I can lay out my heart too without them judging me and for that I count it as a big blessing. Even though sometimes they think I am crazy and I wont deny it I am a bit crazy at times.
Whats my hardest problem? Sticking with a choice, I can be into something on the computer and soon afterwards something change or discourage me and I lose interest fast BUT someone like a friend or family says oh come on yadda yadda yadda and Im easily persuraded to give it another go or another chance when at first I said No.. am I the only one that does this.. I admit Im really  bad at this and I tear myself up doing it, Im a big softie and sometimes I think Im too soft in this area and plus I dont want my friends or family think Im not fun or whatever.. I dont know but its truly annoying to me but I constantly find myself doing it.
Well this is my plead that those reading will continue or start praying for my family and I, we are struggling but we are pressing on, right now theres a ugly storm over us and none of us likes it there but the majority of us knows that it will shine again and I pray through this storm that we grow and learn from our mistakes of life and keep Pressing On.
I would love to hear responses on my blog if you read it. Blessings to you all and May you all learn to keep pressing on as well.

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