16 March 2012

G'day Readers;

Well today has been rather nice, sunny outside I decided to put in my long sleeve shirts and the dress pants that I cant get into yet but plan on getting into  in the future.

I talked with different friends online and also talk to my friend Silvermoonz from the online game Kaneva.. that I was going to let her host my Farwell Party on the 28th. So Kaneva friends if you are reading this then you know and have no excuse lol. I have also removed Skype has it eats up the broadband.. so now those that had me on Skype you need to contact me by Facebook,Messenger or Email. I am still on the game SecondLife until the end of the Year. Then I will decide from then what I will do.

I am wanting to do some different things, not sure what they all will be now but this blog is one of them as I do miss writing and reading other peoples blogs. So if you have a Blog and its not on my list or you cant see it let me know and I will add you on my list.

As for my weight loss Im still kicking it and trying things on my own and see how I go.

Thats all Im gonna talk about for now.. God Bless


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