15 March 2012


G'day Readers;

 I hope everyone is doing well..

I've been a bit under the weather lately but I am better now. Well if you're wondering what I have been up to lately well I cant brag about anything particular. I have started trying to lose my weight again, I'm slowly getting the hang of it.. I promised myself this time to investigate and search the different ways people lost weight etc and do it my way this time and try not to go nuts when putting these things down such as a big ole rich chocolate cake - its not the end of the world just longer getting it off however I do it. I have lost 9 lbs so far which I am happy about.

Also in other news my friend from Australia got her Christian Chat website(Look under Chatrooms Link below for this site) working and running so I went and join plus my friend Nate told me he was modding there too, I went and modded for a little while but I was nervous about making a mess of things and so I stepped down a few days later, but I still go in there and make a racket from time to time. I feel welcomed there so far by everyone.

My lovely  wife went to the Church Fair and did rather well with selling some of our things, We have from handmade Jewellery that I have made or her brother Ashley has made and also she makes Baby Clothes and toys also she has been making a good sell of Lemon Honey and Tomato Relish, I didnt make it to the Church Fair being unwell, I think it mostly had to do with my losing weight and changing eatting habits which I am trying hard to fight off ole habits but again its fine as long as it aint every day of the week.

Well looking at Elections in America, boy what a mess I feel blessed that I was not in America when Obama was in office and or leading America, and I wont be there if he gets in office again, and if you wondering who I might favor for President if I was in America I really dont know, from what I do see I think it would be Ron Paul but again I really cant say who I really dont know. But I do want to say this and I am fussing at myself at the same time, we need to remember we are suppose to pray for our Leaders rather we like them or not.. I know this one is a hard one to swallow.

  I really aint looking forward to Winter, I did a bunch of laundry the other day hoping to put away the Summer stuff and drag out the Winter stuff and pray that I can get into them.

Ok last but not least, I have met some wonderful people over the last few months rather online or at Church and for those who knew I suffered from depression for a while I am much more comfortable around people than I ever felt in a long time. 2012 has been good to me looking passed the sickness..

Well thats it for this evening.. God Bless Everyone!! Hopefully I will blog sooner next time.. Please comment if you can so I know someone is reading.


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