07 November 2011

Sunday Come and Gone!

Howdy Everyone;

I am feeling well today and this morning My lovely wife and I went to Church, it was good to see some familar faces and smiles. Afterwards we went to Mumnlaws for Lunch which she paid for but we fetched from the Northside Bakery, I always enjoy going there, the people there are friendly and always serve ya with a smile and if noone is behind us they will have a chat with us. I got Steak and Mushroom Pie, made fresh right there in the bakery and the crust top was flakey and absolutely yummy and also got a Oreo type cheesecake, man talk about rich chocolate taste mhmmm mmmm.. anyway if ya ever here in South Auckland I totally recommend Northside Bakery.. I so much loved my food that I didnt even pay much attention what my wife got herself and her mum.
We set and talked with Mum and enjoyed our afternoon there.

Later we went and bought stuff for the birthday party then we returned home and prepared for Allan's birthday celebration. My wife asked if I would take the chicken apart and knowing me a crazy Texan I tore it up so much that Allan asked if we were having Chicken soup ha ha. I was just trying to stretch it so it would go farther between eight people, we had Chicken, salads of sorts and Potatoes,Peas and etc for Tea. I enjoyed it; afterwards we had dessert which contain diet jelly (jell-o) Real whip cream, and mixed fruits. Everyone gave Allan a hard time cause he got his cup and filled it up and it looked as if he got half the cream but there was plenty left as I got the last after everyone else got theirs and there was plenty left.

Then we sat around and talked about all kinds of stuff and then had drinks, then everyone cleared off to their own destinations.

My wife and I sat and looked at photos of Auckland and around, what it looked like back then and what it looks like today, some of the old buildings still stand and new glass looking buildings in recent photos.. lots of changes in some ways and good ole buildings and memories in others.. it was like a History lesson.

Anyway that pretty much covers my day today, blessed with new memories of the  family and extended family.

Until next time Yahowah Bless

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