04 November 2011

Finally Friday

Good Day Readers,


 Well its finally Friday !! 

Got up this morning after much frustration last night with computer crashing on games that I was playing, so I decided I am finished with them. Alot of my friends were highly disappointed but sometimes we have to draw a line in the sand and cross over and thats what I have done.

Had a nice BBQ the other night from my youngest stepson and his wife, it was a bit cool outside but it was nice compared to the Summer thats heading our way. Last night my wife made Tea/Supper containing Steak,taters,slaw,celery and onions and carrots; it was very lovely and I told her to please cook my steak completely, I no longer eat Rare or Medium Rare steaks, I have a personal reason why I decided to do this.

Yesterday the power cable went out and we couldnt connect to the internet, my oldest spent his birthday & Christmas money to replace it which was nice of him.

Reading lots of Blogs and etc, boy as this world with all its tech got a on a speedtrain and now you can do more with Facebook,Google+,Twitter and etc and you can even combined them with all little tabs and addons, its quite scary to have such handy things at ya fingertips. Anyway thats all I got to say today ~ see ya on the net lol.


Bill (RoosterNZ) Cockrell

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