11 April 2011

Planning for Christians who suffer from Depression like me.

Hello Everyone,

This evening I thought I would talk about planning but before I do I want to share the definition of planning that I want to talk about.

 *The process of setting goals, developing strategies, and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals.
Why do I want to talk about planning? Well I want to share that too.
If you are like me and suffer from day to day depression,rather your moods be high or low The key to get through depression easier is to start with a few small goals/plans and slowly build from there. Now I don't personally suggest you start with a whole day of things,I suggest you put one thing into your daily routine and try to accomplish it but if you don't seem to do it on the first day you planned it please dont beat yourself up over it,I can promise you my first few times were like this but I did it one day when I was border,wasnt high or low, so I thought this is a time I should try this. But make it something you enjoy doing at first such as read a book at home or a library,talk to a friend or even walk down your driveway to the mailbox and back or set a goal to walk a certain distance.
Take things one day at a time and reward yourself for each accomplishment. The steps may seem small, but they’ll quickly add up. And for all the energy you put in to your depression recovery, you’ll get back much more in return. 
Here are some ideas of plans(These I do myself) and also just to let you know I am still having to get myself to do these things but I know there is no need to beat myself up over things I didnt accomplish that day I will accomplish them in the future!

*Plans to consider*

1.Write down goals to do each day(rather we do them or not today) <-- yes thats a goal in itself just to write them down I know.
2.Watch Nature( rather they your pets or birds or even the trees and how they change over season, you can take a picture of them each season.
3.Read the Bible,a Devotional, or favourite books,newspaper or other peoples blogs.( I have quite a few listed that I enjoy reading and perhaps you will too.)
4. Walk a distance, rather down a hallway,driveway or even your road and then come back and relax and enjoy your favourite beverage,mine is usually coffee or DrPepper and sometimes Tea.
5. Listen to your favourite music and get up and dance(note here listen to something thats uplifting to you not something that drags you down) or listen to a sermon, take notes.
6. Share with others by word,letter,phone call,email and blogs. 
7. Last but certainly not least, Go to Church,Bible Studies,Wednesday Night service if you have that, just go, or you and family go somewhere such as a park.

Now I would like to say the last one was one of the hardest for me Going ANYWHERE, I really didnt want to mix with people, or felt why would they want to bother with a person like me, always depressed. Well You would be very suprised as I was, there are people who Do Care, and not only care but Understand and or might be going through the exact same thing. Church is a place where people are supposed to uplift one another in Christ! Go to your Pastor,Youth Pastor or someone that you really trust and let them know your struggling with this, go to your doctor if you are struggling with depression, there are help out there! I really didnt want to go but I knew one day It was better that I did, Its not going to do any more harm to seek help, and it doesnt make you a weak person(ABSOLUTELY NOT WEAK) but a Strong Person! But if you already been to those places thats Great, this blog is mostly for us of those who is still struggling but doing those one step at a time,one day at a time. No I still struggle with getting out at times and being around people but I am improving, yes there are some days even weeks that I fall back on everything but then I start again, as I told a friend of mine once its like a big race but your the only person in it but you have people on the sideline cheering you on but only you can get to that finish line and no matter if you fall that finish line hasnt moved we just dust ourselves off and carry on with the race before us, yes there will be some mountains that seems to have mudslides on them and you have to claw yourself up them and sometimes there will be a friend that will give you a hand/waterbottle/wet towel, you get the picture. There will be days you will feel that you're all alone on this journey but let me promise you are not.

Ok well thats it for this topic so lets US start planning ! =)

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