06 June 2010

How Being Saved by Grace Frees Us to Share the Gospel

Tim Keller, /Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything/
p. 201

The gospel produces a constellation of traits in us:

1. We are compelled to share the gospel out of /love/.
2. We are /freed from the fear/ of being ridiculed or hurt by others,
since we already have the favor of God by grace.
3. There is a /humility/ in our dealings with others, because we know
we are saved only by grace, not because of our superior insight or
4. We are /hopeful /about anyone, even the “hard cases,” because we
were saved only because of grace ourselves.
5. We are /courteous and careful/ with people. We don’t have to push
or coerce them, for it is God’s grace that opens hearts, not our
eloquence or persistence or even their openness.

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  1. Well, THERE are five more points I totally agree with! Hey, brother! I am a Texan as well. I live in Kuwait. I have lived in Houston (hometown), Dallas, Mabank, McKinney, Gun Barrel City, Kemp, Conroe, and Georgetown, Texas.