25 April 2010

Saturday's spotlight

G’day Everyone;

Got up this morning;my wife made some breakfast for us both then we decided that we weould go to Spotlight and another place that has yarn and craft stuff, I wanted to get some necklace fasterners and Delwyn wanted to get some yarn; so we went into Manukau City for that. We spent a good time looking at all the different stuff.

As we were walking around in Spotlight Allan text me and asked where we were and I told him and he said his usual ” K ” reply lol.Later after coming out of Spotlight; Delwyn and I decided to get a bite to eat for lunch and decided on McDonalds next door to Spotlight after we left there Allan text again and was wondering when we were coming home, Delwyn said tell him 10 minutes but I misinterpeted and said 30 minutes but anyway we got there less than 10 minutes and then I rushed in and told the others we were ready, then we all got back in to go grocery shopping, we did our shopping then came back home and I was exausted and a bit jiggly because we were around alot of people but I manage well.

I did some Jewellry and Delwyn showing them off to Kylee & Bryan next door; Kylee and her family is making some nice Jewellry as well. Anyway it was nice to do some of the jewellry until I got stuck on one and decided to quit it for a while and got on the computer.

Jaz went out the door to the games at church and played turbo touch and other games of fitness; when she returned home she was red in the face and seem exausted; and she told me what she had been doing and told me about the kids telling her she better come to church tomorrow and was giving her hugs so she said she would. I thought that was nice of the kids.

Later Delwyn and Jazz went to the Church concert in different cars and when they returned I asked Delwyn how it went and she said it was ok; while they were out me and Allan stayed home and did things on the computers.

Everyone was home and Jazz and Allan made Tea which was very nice. Ham Steaks,onions Mashed Potatoes and carrots. Then we watch a movie until close to 12 midnight, Delwyn had went to bed earlier and then I decided I couldn’t stay awake to watch it and plus I needed to get sleep so I went on to bed.

I read a magazine I bought until i had enough then crashed off to sleep.

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