24 April 2010

Fantastic its Friday

Fantastic its Friday

I got up a bit late due to not keeping my schedules on time, anyway I got me some cherrios new zealand cereal for breakfast, did some stuff & chatted to a good friend of mine online, then Bryan came over and we talked some about his blog and dreams.

Well the medicine kicked in and I battled it to stay awake and succeded and decided to work on the jewellry for the car boot sale that we are doing on some Saturdays.Then I got frustrated cause I didn't have some end fasterners so I decided to put it off and sit outside.

I got my green chair that Bryan & Kylee got me one Christmas and sit in the back yard and listen to some music on my cellphone and Eddie Rabbit came across the Radio singing I love the Rainy Nights lol. Then the cat Garfield came around and started wanting my attention so I petted him and then got a stick and let it chase it about, then it got up in some bushes and was in attack mood and I knew it and took a picture of him with my cellphone, it was quite nice in the sunshine while we still have some few nice days left before winter shows up.

Allan and Jasmine made Tea, it was very good, mince with peas and onions and some spice,Baked potatoes(microwave) and Califlower. Later we watch some television, some old game show called “Its in the bag” and then we watched “Wonder Dogs” Enjoyed watching that with family.

So yes Friday was Fantastic, so I believe I am getting better, I sure hope so anyway for my sake and everyone else lol.

Thats it for Friday !!! =) Until next time

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