31 January 2010

I am Amazed

Good Evening Everyone;

I am gonna try and summarize my last few weeks;Most of all some of you recall I have depression and I am talking to a Psychologist whom is a good listener and also a Psychiatrist who has prescribed me some medication, which lately the medicine has been making me drowzy; but it has been improving; hopefully I will be much better before the end of this week.
Well thats not at all what I amazed at What I am amazed at is for Christmas my lovely wife bought me a LG GW300 cellphone which I enjoy so very much, I am Amazed at what all this little thing can do and the size of the little memory chip that my Oldest stepson and his fiancee bought for me to go with my phone.
Anyway I have many handy things on it, example I have KJV,NIV,ESV Bibles on it that is very easy for a person like me to use hehe and also have an Audio Bible on it,
also on it I have many videos of John Piper, thats Videos, remember this is a cellphone, on this also I have a Notepad which I can keep notes, but I am looking for a better
one so if anyone knows of any let me know, I also have RSS feeder(hoping to be able to read favourite blogs) on it which I am not sure how it works yet plus I have
Our Daily Bread Devotion which you can download from their website monthly; Anyway Also it has My contacts,Calendar,Mp3 music,Alarms and Also I can surf
the web such as Google,Facebook,Myspace and many many more. But all of this I really love the Bible and Devotion; and that I can text/talk to my family and friends,
I am blessed, but it is so Amazing what technology has done. I have heaps of room yet to add stuff so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

***On My prayer list*** ( if you want to be on my next prayer list - please send me an email.)

1.The people of Haiti
2.Hamish,Anita,Aria and Asher MacDonald (you can click on the Aria button on the right and read more about her journey and her family)
3.Floyd Gray & family in the loss of Ella Gray (Floyd's Mom)
4.And also all those who are suffering a hard and cold winter, pray you stay warm and safe wherever you go.
5. The Elderly people

Thats all for now until next time God Bless


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  1. hey bill haw are ya im ok i read ya blog & its 10:06 in the morning thought id write back to ya well GOD BLESS hope u get some sleep the real kind lol