06 January 2010


Howdy Everyone;

First of all "Happy New Year Everyone!"

It surely has been an interesting past year 2009, Hopefully this year will be kinder, but I have my doubts, bad huh lol oh well.
I didn't make any New Year Resolutions, had enough of them in the past and failed them terribly.
The best thing about 2009 is that I met some cousins I didn't know of and started chatting to them on yahoo and facebook. Sad part of 2009 is some good friends of mine has passed on and surely will be missed.
Its a lovely day here in New Zealand I put out a wash on the clothes line this morning;opened all the windows to let the wind blow through, its a bit warm outside but its ok where I am here sitting in the chair chatting to friends.
I am hoping to get back to reading other blogs.
Anyway thats all I am gonna shout about right now until next time God Bless


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