12 November 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Howdy everyone;

Its been quite a busy day today, I got up late(blah). Had
breakfast watched the biggest loser, watched how some couples got
divided and now some couples are against each other, man that has
got to be hard cause most of the show they been leaning on one
another, they sure know how to twist it around and make it more
interesting. Then I decided I was gonna do the dishes and put them
in the dishwasher and wash the other things that needed it like
pots and pans, then I put clothes on to wash and hung them on the
line even though it spit/sprinkle and they didn't get completely
dry so I ran them through the dryer, did about 3 loads, then
afterwards I got the ironing board out and iron heaps of stuff
that needed ironing and I thought to myself why not you know this
burn calories so this went on from lunch time to about 6 o'clock,
got more to do tomorrow, if it had been sunny tomorrow I had other
plans but its not going to be according to the weather forecast,
oh well I will do other things. my feet and legs are aching but I
will press on. A & J (oldest stepson and fiancée') invited me to
go with them to war museum and to the botanical garden, but I said
maybe another time, I felt they should enjoy their time alone and
plus I could enjoy some workout and me time lol.
Also the youngest stepson B come and talked with me while I was
hanging clothes about his studies he doing in Business Accountant
and etc, He said there's heaps of reading, he was taking a small
time out, later he asked if I wanted to and I could whenever use
his boxing bag and gloves, so will take him up on that offer
sometimes. Sometimes I think they might think I am rude turning
them down but that's not my intention, sometimes its just not the
right time or I got too much on the brain, but they are all great
supporters in their own special way.
Well I got heaps of things from friends on facebook that helps
gets me through the day or makes me smile, funny but wonderful how
we can do that even Miles around the world and some friends you
just meet on the internet that are genuine, I sure appreciate
them. Also getting to know more family people on my mom's side of
the family that I never knew I had or never knew of them until now
and I am blessed to have them, more family to share the love with.
I am blessed also with cousins on my dad's side that we have sorta
come back together and share and I am certainly blessed there
cause I thought I had lost them due to stuff but that's all in
God's hand and I give Him all the glory for it, I am blessed to
have family that's still keeping in contact even from the other
side of the world, ok I am sounding soft now but I love them all
the same.
Ok last but certainly not the least all the Sparkpeople friends
that I have made here, You guys are the best team a person could
ask for!!! We all have the same type goals, I wish you the best in
yours!!! We can & will do this !!!! Pat on the Back to you all !!
Well Another night without my lovely wife and best supporter,
please keep her mom in your thoughts and prayers. Until next time !


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