29 November 2009

Sunday's Post

Good Day Everyone;

I am sitting here thinking what exactly should I write since its been a while since I have written anything. Well I decided to go outside and gaze at the flowers,plants and trees we have, mostly all grew by my eldest stepson( a true greenthumb he might think otherwise ) but I admire that about him,anyway I was talking to him as he came outside to ask me if I was enjoying myself and I said yes but I am hopeless in knowing names of plants. I really do enjoy the green of New Zealand, oh and another thing my eldest stepson is planting some new grass that looks very good and feels good to the foot. God Bless New Zealand.
Yesterday we went to Thames, New Zealand as Jasmine was going in for her brown belt which she said wasn't her favourite color lol but She did achieve the belt in Kia do Ryu and after she received her belt she must wear it 24 hours to supposly get to know her belt which I consider odd but I guess we get to know our boots after we wear them a while anyway well done Jasmine in that accomplisment; you trained hard enough for it.
My wife and I decided to walk around in Thames has they were having a market in Town, similar to our sidewalk sale where people were selling different things from homemade breads,antiques,plants and all other types of stuff, well my wife bought some Marigold plants and I got me a Cactus which will be growing wide.
I haven't done much lately in the Sparkspeople, even though I don't feel I am putting on any weight, I am been sensible about how much I eat and etc better than I was before. I haven't given up on sparkspeople just I am learning to do these things without using it so much.
Some of you know my wife has been staying with her mum lately, but she is back home now and its good to have her back, even though I was just getting used to the whole bed again, even though mum did call Friday night as she was feeling a bit uneasy so I told Delwyn to go and stay with her mum, so she did.
Well I stay home today cause I wasn't feeling all too well after eatting KFC 3 piece yesterday, and it seemed to happen more than once after I have eatten KFC so I won't be eatting that particular meal again.
Some of you might have remembered I started a chatroom up, well I closed it down a few days ago, as I noticed not really much happening in there and some people still chatting elsewhere when they could have been chatting there, so I thought about it and plus they wanted to charge me for certain apps or gadgets that I was using so I just thought whatever and just closed it down. I apologize for not telling everyone before I did but its happened so thats that. I can recommend a few chatrooms and boards if you are interested.
I have been doing alot of reading from other blogs from talking about //The Manhattan Declaration,//11 arguments for Limited Atonement, Alien Immersion and the Baptist Church and etc. Going to read some of them again.
In my Prayer & Praise Report.

Continual prayer and prayer request(s)
1. The MacDonald Family and their trip to USA Pray that they have a safe & pleasant stay in USA, you can read more about that in my blog right hand side * click on Aria( the cutest thing on my blogpage)
2. Samantha & Tammy's dad in the hospital, pray that he has a full recovery.
3. Jim & Pat Jones ~ Pray that Jim has a quick and full recovery so he can return home.
4. Please pray for my brothernlaw as he is coming to Auckland to have a heart pacemaker put in.
5. Continue to pray for my mothernlaw as she recovers to her best of health.
6. continue to pray for my family in the things they are archieving in life, I am proud of each and everyone of them.
7.and many more that I cannot think of off the top of my head right now but God knows.

Praise Report(s)
1. Aria & family gets the ok to go to USA for her operation - Praise God for that !!!!! This is a long but answered prayer and all the family,friends and supporters celebrate. A true Thanksgiving Celebration!!
2.Delwyn mum is recovery slowly but nicely.
3. I am praising God for His blessings on many friends on Facebook,myspace,twitter having Great Thanksgiving and giving thanks to God, its a blessing to read about that.
/*A scripture for everyone ~*/ In all thy ways acknowledge him,and He will direct thy paths./* *Proverbs 3:6

*Well thats it for now Until next time.

~ Bill

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