13 November 2009

My Thursdays Post

Howdy/Kia Ora

Well I notice I made a mistake on last nights post - it wasn't for my Thursday but Wednesday, anyway heres my Thursdays post.

Well I was woken up this morning by a knock on my bedroom door by my oldest stepson(young man), I got up to answer it and only to find a cat on the inside, how did the cat get in my room when the door is lock and where did it hide when I went to bed last night and me being partially deaf in both ears and had my hearing aids out the poor thing must have meowed up a storm hahahaha. Anyway I said you crazy cat what on tarnation you doing in here Ms Fluffy, she just meowed back with the expression she was ready to eat.
Anyway I let her out and crashed back on the bed only to tell myself I should really get up and have breakfast and watch Biggest Loser couple. It was another tear jerker, that voting people off stuff is rough I am glad I am not in their shoes even though I thought they should have voted off someone other than whom they chose.
In the middle of watching it my wife called and told me she had an errand for anyone to run if possible she was thinking maybe one of the others could do it, and I said well I can do it I suppose, not sure where this person lives well I thought I didn't but then it came to my memory they lived in a house that our past friends lived in which isn't far about an 1/2 mile if not less, so I said to my wife - " I'll do it" after the show is over, so after the show I got my sandles on, and took off out the door, plus the others wasn't home to do it anyway and I thought this is better to do sooner then later and I can get some walking done.
So I started down the sidewalk/footpath and walked a block and passed the store thinking I used to love to go there and get some chocolate and soda ( oooooo ) after a few seconds I thought Nope I am not going to do it and continued on my journey to delivery this check to a very special young lady and her family that desperatly needs much prayers and support. More about this you can go to aria.org.nz/ , anyway I walked a bit and I had this thought why don't I sortive try to jog, I battled with myself I would look silly who am I kidding me jog hahaha I could see myself from someones car Look at that funny looking dude jogging, then I said to myself Oh what the heck who cares what they think and they might not think nothing at all Shut up and jog lol So I jogged a little bit then walked then jogged a little then walked and sure enough I forget what I was doing and passed the place up and had to back track, so I went up to the place and knocked on the door and the mother came to the door and I said My wife wanted me to deliver this too you and she thanked me and I started out walking again, then jogged then on my way back to my place as I could see the driveway I thought hmmm should I go on past and walk on to town or go back in the house and chat with friends, I got up to the driveway and looked down it and pondered No I think I will walk on to town got me a Pepsi Max in a can and headed back home, Has anyone tried drinking Pepsi Max and puffed out well I did and thought this is nasty can of Pepsi Max and it seemed to be hot I am sure it was me taking the coldness from the can lol
Anyway got back home chatted with my friend from Virginia and another friend from Tennesse, talked about my chat & board room. and made my lunch then watched some tv, then told my friend who was waiting til I get back from watching tv, I did that got back on chatted a little and felt very tired so I told him mate I am sorry but I am just flat out tired, so I told the other when they got back I was going to lay down that was about 3:30pm then I went and laid down and looked at some of my health magazine hoping I would just wake up but the next thing I know my wife came in woke me up and I had the magazine on my chest that was 5:15pm I was like wow that was a nap, she laid there some and we cuddle which was nice, I sure needed that, then she said what do you fancy for Dinner and I said Not fussed, I didn't help her I feel guilty about that now, anyway Dinner was very nice, I ate it slow and tried not to rush it but I was hungry, then afterwards I took the plates away and told her how about some coffee and she said thank you that would be nice so I made us some coffee and served up some weightwatchers blackberry jell-o / jelly ( not the kind you put on toast ) which was nice as well, watched some TV together holding hands. emoticon emoticon Shes gonna kill me now after she reads this lol So yall pray for me hehehe.
Anyway later she got her stuff together and I grabbed some things for her then held her in my arms and told her the good stuff and how much I love her and give her mum my blessings. She apologized about the situration and I said not too that I understand, it is hard but I do understand. Then she left. I watched Army wives and thought how sad it was that the couple getting a divorce and the woman said something about she thought her husband would tear up the divorce papers and all this be settled, and then I said outloud WHY didn't SHE tear hers up even though she was the one that cheated on Him, anyway as my wife would say "ITS IN THE SCRIPT" lol Sad about people being married so long then divorce over things, I can't say I know what they are going through thats has to be one hell of a thing to go through and being alone... But then sometimes things do happen,, anyway enough said about that.
Well I forgot all about it but my wife told me I got a regular doctor appointment tomorrow, so I might miss Biggest Loser tomorrow ( blah ) emoticon.
SO now I am writing this and its just over midnight so maybe thats what happened last night when I wrote it, staying up too late when I am writing it but its the best time I can think.
Anyway thats all for now I hope everyone has a good nights sleep and if your in America I hope you have a Wonderful and Exciting Day and Blessings come your way, if Not Hang in there the Sun will shine again!!
Until Next time

~ BIll emoticon

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