10 November 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

Hello Everyone

Yeah I know its been quite a while since I did anything on here.
My wife is starting to helping me plan out my meals as she knows how frustrating it is to me, she puts it on a spread sheet then I added it on here, She is good at it than I am.
I got up this morning at 6am, did some reading out of Men's Health magazine, some of the stuff in it is helpful, and another one I read is Healthy Food magazine here in NZ.
Since I haven't wrote in a while, another thing is my wife is staying with her mum for a while cause her mum is down in her back, so she staying there helping her out during the night.
So that has been kind of rough for me not having her at my side at night, but other than that I get to take over the whole bed lol.
Anyway I got up this morning did the excersises & fitness thing on here, drinked my water while watching Biggest Losers Couple My favourite three is Bob,Andrew & Nathan ,after watching that I then had my breakfast of Cherrios & milk and an orange for snack. Oh by the way the Episode I am up too now is www.thebiggestloser.com.au/episode-3
4.htm And Bob got to see his newborn grandson, the tears was rolling down my face as I was happy watching him shine after seeing his family and showing off those photos. Yeah I am a softy at times I admit it lol.
Anyway Today has been reasonable well, chatted with my friend on Yahoo and we decided to create some more chatrooms, He wanted one so I told him how to do it, I sortive created a Private country chat & board (nothing fancy).
Well I guess I better get my sleep so Goodnight friends !!! God Blessings to you all


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