28 October 2009

Tuesday's post

Howdy Friends;

Well I took my wife to work this morning and on the way back I went around one of the roundabouts in our town and it had been raining and I did a little sliding but nothing major that I couldn't control. I did some reading and watch Biggest Loser Australia and the first time seeing a woman who calls herself Emazon I believe, she looked rough, I wouldn't want to cross her lol.
I made me a salad while commercial break adding Couscous ( first time I ever tried it) and I loved it, I even told my stepson " You didn't hear me say this but this salad with Couscous in it is better than a steak" He chuckled and told friends on facebook about it and some said yeah they liked too. So here to a new thing for me this week; now a little excited to find out what I can find that I normaly don't eat, if you have any suggestions.
Time flew by as I read blogs and chatted with friends and time to pick up my wife from the train station, so I went early in the van and decided to go back to the library, return recent books and get some more out.
I then went to one of the reasonable store and got me a little foot cusion thats like a box that you can put you magazines in, I thought how clever so I dumped my Bible,devotions,healthy eatting and Men's Health magazine inside it, so when I am not on the computer and sitting in my lazyboy chair if one of the cats didn't steal it first LOL, I can read them during commercials lol.
Anyway Thats pretty much sums up my day it has been a good one and I look forward to another one tomorrow.
Until next time


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