01 October 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

Hi Friends;

This morning was enjoyable, did some reading and enjoying a game or two on facebook, then chatted with my good friend on Yahoo messenger. Did a little on the bicycle machine, still got some to do tonight.

Later my mumnlaw called and wanted some help getting some medicine from the chemist and I said I could come and pick her up and take her, so I did that, and she thanked me, I told her no problem and come back home and had some soggy rice krispies that I left behind, it was ok but I was still hungry or SO I wanted to eat anyway which I am getting annoyed about doing, I eat when I am stressed out.

Well tonight my wife cooked a wonderful meal, then later we watched tv together then we decided we better go shopping so we did that, I was really depressed walking around in the shop, got a few things I thought I might like, stuff is so expensive and I am nervous about what to get; also decided to get some unsalted butter, and stop buying that lower ya cholestrol stuff as it has rubbish fats in it that I don't need in my system.I got me a magazine called New Zealand healthyfood guide; looks like it has some good things in it. I would rather be reading Men's Health but its more expensive.

Thought about Texas some today and how I wish some of my friends and kinfolks were here, but thats not happening lol.

Anyway I am gonna get off and go do some more excersises and call it a night.

Until next time God Bless


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