03 October 2009

Saturday's stuff

Hi Friends;

Today I got up around 11am again.. had some cereal with yogurt and multigrain toast with butter and promite.

My wife and I went walking some around the malls and ran into my friend Peter Dale and apparently my wife is going to play piano for a small country church which I enjoy going too.. remember in my earlier blog I think I said something along the line that he would proably have me taking over his resthome ministry .. well today he told my wife He reckons he will make me a preacher yet LOL. Anyway I am still sore from yesterday's excersise so I decided I am not going to do any tonight but let my body heal, rest or whatever you want to call it.

Well its been an interesting day, but reasonable, I watched Boxing tonight and David Tua beat Shane Cameron, I reckon Shane took lots of punches before he actually collapse.

Well I guess I better do my cardio and call it a night so won't be going to men's breakfast in the morning cause of going to this other place, but it should be enjoyable..

Until next time God Blessings to all and remember to keep those who lost family the last few weeks in prayer.


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