26 October 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hi Friends;

Hope everyone is doing well and not giving up the battle of a healther lifestyle, I know I been goofing off , eatting the bad stuff again. Chocolate, oreos and whatever, I know I will regret some of it but I haven't given up just lately I have been a bit argrivated with things and depressed. The aggrivation is my own fault as I let things get to me. I am one of these people that is not good with words and I let things build up then I snap, then I either snap at a person which I hate the most, or I overload myself with work to just well you know use the anger in a postive way.. and three I am an emotional eatter. Well yesterday it was the overload myself with work, cause I am so aggrivated about a lot of things but don't feel I can talk about them, cause I will upset people or just make things worse for myself.
And today I am just plain eatting oreos almost finishing them off (2 pack carton) and drinking a pot of coffee. I keep telling myself I can do better than this but I don't, I know some of you might think why don't I move myself from the situration; I will tell you now its not that easy.
I want to plan my meals ahead of time and prepare them ahead of time but thats hard for me too.
I feel like just giving all this up but I don't want too cause I know if I do I will just get worse and not better.
Anyway I am going to plan my days out in the future and try to stick by them. Sorry this blog is all over the place, but if there are others out there feeling the same way or understands what I am saying and feel like giving up I encourage you not too give up but hang in there and take small steps, even if you read health related articles you are educating yourself even if you don't walk you walk today or do the fitness but you are excersising your brain.

Until next time

~ Bill

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