03 October 2009

Friday's Post

Hi Friends;

Well it a good Friday for me, I did go over my cholesterol because of two eggs I had for breakfast, but anyway I got up late today than I normally do but I got up at 11am.

I didn't chat to my friend on yahoo today cause the internet connection was on the last day of slow dial up to kick in of fast speed later today. I did extra bit of a work out today for lagging yesterday.

But I believe I hate better today than I normally do even though my nutrinist thing said otherwise.

I do sortive wished I had walked today but I didn't but tomorrow will come and I can then if I am up to it.

I read a post on here about the waist middle tire, I really had mine most of my life, I have always been a fat chubby kid, you could ask any of my family,friends and classmates.

I hope everyone has a good Friday, and don't give up hang in there guys; and for those in New Zealand – Have an Awesome Weekend !!!

~ Bill

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