23 September 2009

Wet Wednesday

Hi Friends;

This morning was a bit wet, and still drizzlin rainin, it cleared up for a little bit and I thought I would go and do my walking but I didn't. So I went ahead and made my breakfast, 2 eggs,tomatoes,onions and also had a couple of waffles with Ultra light Flora pro-activ ( lowest cholesterol ) butter, trying to lower my cholesterol, and about 3 cups of coffee.

I listen to some Southern Style Gospel Music then I chatted with my good friend Nate in Virginia on Yahoo messenger; and work on adding my food to the food log and read some interesting health stuff and posted it on my facebook. Before I knew it Lunch time came quickly and so I made some Lunch, containing a couple Fish cakes, fried okra, and 3 crackers with the pro -activ spread.

Later me and my future daughternlaw decided to go walking to town, as I do my mile walk each day, part of my excercise to lose weight; plus she is trying to do the same.So we walked to town, store and about for 170 minutes - 8.4 miles. Now remember I am unfit and suppose to walk 1 mile and gradually build it up but yeah I did it - i am exhausted now though.

We got some veggies and etc, got some gifts for the same friend that I listed above that I talked too on Yahoo; he is turning 16 next month.

When we got back home she cooked Supper, we had chicken filled flour tortillos, salad, some sparkling white and red grape juice and we set all down at the table and had Supper, which is something we hardly do and also I lit some candles, we all enjoyed ourselves, my wife,me, future daughternlaw and oldest stepson.

Well I am gonna go and watch some television and call it a night. Hope everyone has a good day or night.

Until next time God Bless


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