24 September 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Hi Friends;

Well I got up this morning can't say Wet Wednesday but it was wet and I got up about 9:25am, feeling blah and a bit worn out from the day before.

I had my breakfast which was Rice Krispies with Honey Bush Yogurt and cup of coffee, and got on the internet and did some things on facebook and decided to go for my walk abit earlier, so we walked 3 miles in 54 minutes with my future daughternlaw; We decided to treat ourselves with a subway 6” I got the roast beef sub and she got the chicken teraki; when we started back home we took another route.

I chatted with my friend on yahoo messenger for a while, then decided to watched TV, watched David Letterman,USA President Obama and not the least the heart shape potato lol.

Then decided I better get Tea ready, my future daughternlaw took over and I just cooked some kumera since my wife has been wanting some, we had some Tacos, she cooked up some mince, and also had stuffed tater (potato) and salad, it was good, we didn't sit around the table this time.

This is one of those days my depression is on a low, why I don't know I should be chirpy but I ain't, I really didn't feel like adding stuff on SP but I am going too. Also drinking the 8 glasses of water is getting easier, and I am drinking 9, I did forget to take my medicine this morning and took it about 1pm , not wise I know will improve.

Well I got the fitness thing to do tonight but I am really unencouraged to do so but I will do them as I am keeping the promise to myself.

I hope tomorrow with be a better day.. well until next time I wish everyone a good Thursday.

~ Bill

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