28 September 2009

Sunday's Sunshine

Hi Friends;

I got up this morning and it was a lovely morning sunrise and then I had some rice krispies and yogurt mixed, then afterwards I decided I would walk to church, I thought I'd go to the men's breakfast but I was a bit late getting off, but my wife had a music practice and so I thought I would go and listen to that before church so I took off on foot and my wife drove by and asked if I was ok and wanted a ride and I said No I am ok and I can do this.

It was good to be back in church as I missed quite a few sundays, rather it was when I was sick with stomach pains or depression, some said it was good to see me back, some told my wife that I seemed happier and one person said I looked as if I gained weight and I immediately snapped back and said its coming off too and it is.

Also had Church luncheon, and I wrote down what I had to eat, and didn't grab the sweets like I normally would, but I grab one thing that I thought was cornbread but I should have known better, it was half of a sweet muffin, so I ate it and that was the only sweet thing I had.

Later we went to mumnlaws place and my wife helped her mum with some papers, and we had a nice chat about different things and perhaps take a trip up north sometimes to see my brothernlaw; after a while we decided we better come on home, as my wife plays the organ for church and this was one of her sundays to do that; I decided not to go as I was a bit depressed.

So I started Dinner, and we I cooked some chicken,soup mix, cut up some spring onions and bell peppers and carrots and added to it and a little bit of sea salt and it was quite nice.

Then I got on the computer played a few games, then watch some television then decided I better do my excersises tonight as planned they are getting a bit easier for me to do and after I did that and then read my outline of the food I ate today and for the first time _I didn't have anything over_ but three things under but wasn't way bad under; that made my day.

Well I believe this is a good day to rejoice, not only because the Lord has made it but because I have had a more victorious day than before.. I know not to get way over my head, but this is one mark for a good day in my book.

Anyway I hope all have a good day as I have, if not do not give up that day is coming just take it one step at a time, I know it sounds easier than said but You can and will do it !!!! Let me know when you do so I can smile and rejoice with you.

~ Bill

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