26 September 2009

SteppinStone Saturday

Well I got up a bit late today, but when I did get up I was still exhausted and sleepy, had a good breakfast, when lunch came around I thought I better cook up that Eggplant so I fried it, also read blogs and health information on CC and SP and thought it was nice, then later on my wife and I decided to go walking but as we got half way down the road the weather was a bit chilly and cut right through us so we turned back and decided to get the old excersise stuff out and do the cardio that way, so I rode the cyclist machine for 30 minutes, then later my wife made Dinner, and we shared about the calories and cholestrol stuff and she decided to help me in that area.

Well we settled down afterwards and watched Midsomer Murders, and I decided to put my info on the two sites I belong too. Anyway we are setting the clocks up tonight for Spring forward Sunday.

Hope everyone is doing good, if not,don't give up – Keep trying ~ WE CAN DO IT !!!!


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