29 September 2009

Mylanta Monday

Hi Friends;

Today was reasonable well, I did wake up feeling blah but I think its the time changing thing, but we have more light in the evening now.

Man did I have another wanting to eat moment so yeah I crashed into some chips and harvest chews.

For lunch I thought I would have the left over eggplant I saved for today, it was nasty after one mouth of it, too greasy I could even smell it, I think my body is not likin grease so thats a good thing I suppose.

Well my stomach started its nonsense so I took some Mylanta antacid tablet and laid down and took a long nap while trying to watch night time tv, woke up about 10pm something and decided I better get a moving if I was gonna get my cardio in; so I used the old cycle machine with the resistant band if anyone remember those lol.

Sorry I can't say I did a whole lot today, better chance tomorrow. Until next time..

~ Bill

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