23 September 2009

GoodNight from New Zealand

Howdy Friends; :-)

Well I did my excercises today with the help of my oldest stepson and his fiancee' and the stretches afterwards, also did my 1 mile walk for today, plus I prepared the last meal of the day.. Supper/Tea/Dinner lol , vacuumed two rooms and hallway. Did laundry and washed dishes.I am a bit sore, but not too bad; but I am sure that will be a different story tomorrow.
When I did walk to town, I did it quickly as I wanted to get back in time to cook supper, so I rushed to the store, got some celery,bell pepper,okra and also got an energy drink to drink on the way back which I shouldn't have but I did. I even started to tape down the little labels on food products down in a little book and working out the calories. So there ya have it for today.. time to close this thing down for tonight !! its 12:19am Wednesday morning here.

Bill :-)

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