25 September 2009

Finally Friday

Hi Friends;

Well its finally friday and the weather is jumping back and forth from cloudy to sunshine, but I got up this morning at 6:00am but laid in bed for 45 minutes then I decided I am gonna get up and fix breakfast for my wife and I, so made some scrambled eggs and onions, and half an apple a piece then I had a side dish of brown rice, which I would normally would have mixed with my scramble egg but didn't think my wife would like it that way so I put it seperate; gonna save the leftover rice for lunch time. I had a couple burritos for lunch, and had the left over rice in it along with onions,ham and sour cream.. then I couldn't stop so I had rasins and a snack bar too, both full of sugar and not counting I had my starches, anyway thats what I had for lunch. Now sitting here listening to some music and I am depressed and I want to eat more..

I chatted to my friend on yahoo, and noticed a friend of mine has joined SF, and he needs a lot of support as well; well to be true we all do or we wouldn't be on here.

Well I watched the tv some, then took a small nap then afterwards I texted my wife and told her to let me know when she was gonna be at the train station that I would meet her there, so she told me and I got there in 25 minutes which was only 1.3 miles, which is good I guess.

Anyway my wife made a lovely tea/supper, ham steak,mashed potatoes,broccoli,cauliflower,carrots,peas and kumera.

I did some excecises even though it wasn't scheduled for me, I just wanted to do more, I will do more tomorrow and then rest on Sunday. I was sortive downed about my food goal and it says I was over my cholestrol and sodium; but my wife says stop being down on myself and that I was doing better, and think that I wasn't doing what I am now last week, which is true lol, from “computer chair potato” to being a little more active.

Anyway I shall press on one day at a time one step at a time. Until next time.

~ Bill

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