02 September 2009

2.9.2009 Wednesday

Hello Readers,Family & Friends;

Well today I took time out for a friend of mine, He been gone a few days and I thought I would spend today with him playing a game and sharing things.
Also did some laundry and hung them on the line and brought them in.
Then tonight we went shopping for groceries then my depression hit a low so I decided to go and sit in the van and wait on them to come out of the store and then come home, then I got on the computer and decided to work on this blog, I lost my old Links I had and that was annoying, but I added some that I remembered and a few others also added in the there a bookshelf showing the books I have read and hoping to add books that I will be reading in the future.
Had a good Supper tonight, Chicken and potato salad, we had other stuff but I didn't have any interest in it. I do need to start losing some weight again, so will work on it this month.
Also in the other news today is the first day of Spring, some of the things has already started ahead of time.
Thats all I have for now.

Until Next time God Bless
~ Bill

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