19 September 2009

19.Sept.2009 Saturday

Hello Family,Friends and Foes;

Here it is Saturday Night, It has been a long dreary and wet day here in New Zealand, I got up early this morning, continued watching the BBC series about Britian and find it quite interesting, still have several to watch yet, but I just got finish watching about Winston Churchill.
This is another down depressed day, its one of those days I want to turn the light switch off on everything I am doing and stop trying; but I know my foes would love that, so therefore I continue on with the strength that only God can give me.
Well the Rugby game is on tonight battle between New Zealand AllBlacks and Australia Wallabies, it looks like New Zealand is gonna win this one, not sure what the final score is but right now its 19 - 6 and 18 minutes remaining.
Well I am now chatting with a friend who is trying his best to cheer me up, so I am sharing T.U.L.I.P with him. That helps some lol. Thank God for His Grace upon me and others who share with me this same belief of God and God alone.
I suppose I will go and read some other(s) great calvinist blogs greater than my own, I am blessed to see so many and able to grow from them and be strengthen. Blessings to all.


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