27 May 2008

Help On Limited Atonement Study

Ok I am studying on Limited Atonement ~ and I am calling all Calvanist and nonCalvanist to give me your views on this… but please don’t debate on this I am just interested in peoples views. And Also please lay it out so this old boy can understand it. Thank you.

Ok I got the answers I was looking for God Bless

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  1. Christ's death on the cross was sufficient to save the entire world, but is effective only to the elect. For if it were effective for all, no one would go to hell. Since Christ death is sufficient for...and available for all people...all people are sincerely offered the gospel and can have their sins forgiven if they wanted to. This is a multi-intention view of the atonement. Christ is savior of the world.... especially the elect (1Tim 4:10). His death provided complete atonement for those He chose, and also provides common grace and a sincere offer to the world.